Hidden Portraits is one of the most important series of Lorena Moreno. With an impeccable technical skill and her camera she approached The Opera Theater of Mexico City every day for several months. Part of her research consisted of observing the passing of light and the reflections and  shadows that were produced at different hours of the day. With her meticulous approach, she then came back to capture shots she had previously perfectly timed and calculated. Lorena’s work is very tied to nostalgia and memory, and this space was not chosen randomly. The theater is strongly tied to her memories; as a child, her mother took her to this place frequently, and to this day she remains dazzled by memories of it’s oil-lamps, crystal spiders, doors, cornices, and all the majesty of the architecture and decoration. Years later, when she was studying at the university, she developed a special interest in photography. She returned to the theater, and despite the fact the place was dilapidated, she found it was still guarding the nostalgia for years before and traces of elegance. She did everything she could to obtain permission to stay there for hours, with the sole purpose of being able to recognize every detail and take the best pictures of each of them.


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